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Distributor price at USD0.52 ex-factory China for 12V 150W poly cell panel, MOQ 74pcs (1 pallet). See more offer at cheap solar panels

R.S no. 147 -18 & 20A, Suraiya Vinayagar Road, Vetted Karen Iruppu, Chennai     
Tel: +91-9894154333           
Contact Person: Kader  

Solar PV demand in India will keep growing across all segments – off-grid, micro-grid, rooftop and grid connected MW scale – in rural, urban and commercial markets. It will be impossible to ignore market for PV products, components, systems and services. Innovative solutions for lighting, electrical appliances, pump sets, power electronics and mounting/tracking structures can open up huge localised demand.
For a variety of reasons rooftop PV systems are very suitable for India. An analysis of rooftop PV costs versus grid power tariffs shows that at the higher end of the consumption scale (upwards of about 500 kWh per month) its costs are already almost at parity levels in some cities and hence most attractive. With further reduction in prices of PV installations, rooftop units will achieve parity for more segments of urban consumers. We see solar PV growing across all segments and applications in the country. There is unlimited headroom for PV, given the power deficient situation and inaccessibility of the grid. There is also a need to couple this with the development of a robust, complete and high quality manufacturing ecosystem encompassing materials, wafers, cells, modules and electronics. India has a great opportunity to deliver superb price, performance, quality and reliability, given its experience in PV manufacturing.

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