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Technology: CIGS
Power: 45W
Voltage: 16.3V
Current: 2.76A
Dimension: 1950x330x3mm
Weight: 1.3kg

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Flexible Thin Film Solar Panels CIGS

Ascent Solar's proprietary monolithically integrated processing techniques enable Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide (CIGS) to be deposited onto high temperature plastic substrate, resulting in the most flexible CIGS module till date. 99% of the light incident on CIGS is absorbed in the 1st micrometer layer, thus very thin solar modules are possible. CIGS has one of the highest current densities of any semiconductor material, can produce higher current outputs, and thus produce more power in less area. These films retain their performance properties better than most semiconductors. Super light weight for easy carry and able to roll up to into a small area to store. Suitable to package with normal charge controller to charge lead acid battery.

Semi flexible solar panel with lower cost.

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