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Solar DC Circuit Breaker

DC circuit breakers designed for use in general DC circuits such as ungrounded battery supply circuits, transportation applications, and solar photovoltaic systems. A standard and necessary item to protect your equipment from direct current DC from over loading and short circuit. Resetable by hand after the circuit breaker trip. Low price due to direct import from China.

Has a super-class limiting current performance, accurate protection relay protection, automatic device against overload, short circuit failure,  current limiting, arc extinguishing capacity advantage, through a large number of comprehensive scientific experiment, can be realized 3000Ah DC system in the main (sub ) screen, screen, screen protection relay between the total selective protection.
The device using a special arc, current limiting system, can be rapidly breaking DC distribution system fault current, which greatly improves the stage difference coordination. Especially for the DC system in electric power engineering measure in protecting screen and electric screen appeared between the leapfrog tripping accidents,  which has a series of excellent properties, can avoid the fault. 

Current available DC250V 3A, 6A, 10A, 20A, 40A, 63A. Download datasheet.
High current model 225A. Download datasheet.

Sizes: 10W, 20W, 30W, 60W, 100W, 140W, 150W, 180W | 250W
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