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isc1000ISC 1000 - 12V 10A

isc3010ISC 3010 - 12V 30A

isc3040ISC 3030 - 12V/24V 30A w/timer

isc3040ISC 3040 - 12V/24V 30A MPPT

Provista Solar Charge Controller

Charge controller with LCD display. Able to show the battery voltage and load current for monitoring. Different series of charge controllers catered for all functions:

  1. ISC1000 - The basic model with load connection of 10A
  2. ISC3010 - 30A load with LCD screen. Able to display battery voltage and load current.
  3. ISC3030 - 12V/24V dual voltage auto selection. Precise digital timer setting with build in clock. Able to set the exact on and off time for street light.
  4. ISC3040 - With MPPT function to improve the solar system performance by 10% to 30%.

Download datasheet IS1000, ISC3010, ISC3030, ISC3040

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