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lithium battery

Solar Lithium Battery

Sealed Deep Cycle Lithium Phospate LiFePO4 Battery. Super light weight and long cycle life compared to lead acid battery. Suitable to use with normal solar panel and charge controller.

Sizes available for 12V series: 40ah

Solar garden and security light systems

LFP's higher (3.2V) working voltage can allow a single cell to drive an LED without needing a step-up circuit. The increased tolerance to modest overcharging (compared to other Li cell types) means that LiFePO4 could be connected to photovoltaic cells without complex circuitry. A single LFP cell also alleviates corrosion,condensation & dirt issues notoriously associated with battery holder and cell to cell contacts - such poor connections often especially plague outdoor systems using multiple removable NiMH cells. More sophisticated LFP solar charged passive IR security lamps are also emerging. As AA sized LFP cells have a capacity of only ~600 mAh (while the lamp's bright LED may draw 60mA) only 10 hours run time may be expected. However- if triggering is only occasional -such systems may cope even under low sunlight charging conditions,as lamp electronics ensure after dark "idle" currents of under 1mA. LiFePO4 powered solar lamps are visibly brighter than ubiquitous outdoor solar lights,and performance overall is considered more reliable