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1. Identify the actual power of your equipment by getting the information of the actual voltage, current and power factor. For equipment with power factor of 0.5, the actual power is double the power stated on the label. Please get the actual power by multiplying the voltage (V) and current (A) on the meter.

1. Choose the voltage and power of the inverter you need that match the actual power (VA).

2. Choose on Modified sine wave or Pure sine wave inverter. Pure sine wave or modified sine wave. Pure sine wave is choose for motors and modified sine wave is choose for electronic devices. The modified sine wave inverter running the motor will shorten the life of the motor. The pure sine wave inverter will generate more heat compare to the modified sine wave inverter. The price of the pure sine wave inverter is 4x more than the modified sine wave inverter.

3. Choose on high frequncy (with transformer) or low frequency (without transformer) .The low frequncy inverter is mainly use for motor and can withstand over surge current without damage to the circuit board. The high frequncy inverter is build with all electronic components and light in weight. High freqency inverter is easy damage with overload or short circuit current.

4, Always buy a inverter 30% higher power than what you need. The unbranded inverter always over specifiy the power it can run.

5. Inverters are always faulty due to the following reasons although all the suppliers mentioned that their inverters are protected:
a. Reverse input cable at the DC
b. Overload more than 100%
c. Short circuit at output.

You are now able to design the DIY solar system and do the installation together with the video.

How to select the Inverter needed

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