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Example a 14" stand fan 75W to run 4 hours at night and a 16W light to run 4 hours at night. Solar panel needed is 140W.

1. There is no formula needed for the charge controller. You need to get a charge controller with the currrent more than the maximum current of the solar panel or the maximum current of your load.

2. From the example the 140W solar panel selected will need a charge controller of more than 8.2A (maximum currrent that a 140W panel produced) input. The Phocos charge controller selected wil be the 12V 10A. The output power from the charge controller will be limited (12Vx10A) 120W. The charge controller will alarm and cut off the output if the currrent drawn is more than 10A. If your equipment has a high startup current or power, you will need to select a higher range charge controller to suit your equipment.

3. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller is designed to maintain the solar panel voltage at the optimum voltage to charge the battery, even when the sun ligth is low. Thus stored more power to the battery compared to normal charge controller. Not popular to use in the lower power system because of high in price.

4. There are 24V and 48V range of charge controllers available for you to configure to your needs.

See the next page on how to select the inverter.

How to select the Charge Controller

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