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Penyongsang Grid Bukan

The function of the non-grid inverter is to convert the DC power from the battery to AC power. The AC power then can be used to power the TV, fan and home electrical appliances.

When you choose the inverter, there are 2 other points to take note besides the voltage and power. 1. Pure sine wave or modified sine wave. Pure sine wave is choose for motors and modified sine wave is choose for electronic devices. The modified sine wave inverter running the motor will shorten the life of the motor. The pure sine wave inverter will generate more heat compare to the modified sine wave inverter. The price of the pure sine wave inverter is 4x more than the modified sine wave inverter. 2. Low frequncy (with transformer) and high frequency (without transformer). The low frequncy inverter is mainly use for motor and can withstand over surge current without damage to the circuit board. The high frequncy inverter is build with all electronic components and light in weight. High freqency inverter is easy damage with overload or short circuit current.

There are 3 ranges of input voltages, 12Vdc and 24Vdc and 48Vdc. Come with modified sine wave inverter and pure sine wave inverter. Need battery to run the inverter.

Brands of inverter:
Power Master (Taiwan) | Zlpower (China) | Victron (Holland) | Cotek (Taiwan)
Leonics (Thailand)

Penyongsang Grid

The function of the grid inverter is to convert the DC power from the solar panels to AC power. The AC power will be feed directly to the grid to power the electrical appliance at home. Do not need batteries for this inverter.

Brand include Samil Power, Sun
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