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Charge Controller is an interface part between the solar panel, the battery and the load (equipment). It provides protection of the battery and shows information on the system. It protects the battery from over charging and discharging to prolong the battery life and alarm for reverse connnection of battary. It provides information on the charging of solar panel and power stored in the battery.

Different functions of charge controller are designed to suit different environment. The controllers are designed for different voltages, different current and various function with LCD, kalis air, MPPT, log data , USB.

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Economy and reliable


Small power 5A

General 10A, 30A, 60A

Waterproof 20A

MPPT 10A, 20A, 60A


Unique LCD display with current (A) display and timer

provista charge controller

ISC1520 - 15A

ISC 3010 - 30A

ISC3040 - 30A MPPT


Branded with full range to suit all usage


ECO - Economy / Waterproof
CA - 12V General
CIS - Waterproof / LED
CML - 24V General
CX - Data log, Computer link

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