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Solar panels is the most important part of the solar system as it captures the sun energy and convert it back to electrical energy when placed under the sun.

Jenis Panel Solar

There are mainly 3 types of panels:

1. Monochabluran

Produced from a single silicon ingot. Use widely in the pass. More efficient and less space taking. Life span of 25 years or more. Price is higher due to more complicate in production process. Facing out in the market due to the higher price.

2. Polihabluran

Manufactured from cast to a block of multi-crystalline silicon. Commonly use now due to the easy manufacturing process and thus cheaper in cost. Slightly less efficient than monocrystalline module. Claim to have the same life span. Overtaking mono panel on the 156mm cell.

3. Filem Nipis

New technology applying silicon on glass or stainless steel. Can be used to build the building exterior and roof top. Less efficient compare in area but work better in dim light condition thus generate 20% more power. Armosphous is the common material in thin film solar panel. Not commonly use due to the lower efficient with big ara size. CIGS is the higher efficient solar panel comparable to polycrystalline cell. Price is highest of all.

Nevertheless, the solar panel sells on the basis of the power that it can produce. The solar panel is tested at a optimum light condition and get the output power (rated power). Regardless of the size of the panel, the customer will pay for the value of the output power (W) at $ per W.

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