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12Vdc or 220Vac LED 2ft or 4ft Light

  • LEDs with 60 lux produced from each LED. Made in Taiwan. Diffused light cover to reduce the uncomfortable glaring.
  • DC model come with 1ft (5W), 2ft (10W) and 4ft (16W).
    AC model come with 2ft (8W) and 4ft (16W). 3000k and 6000k.
  • 220Vac version can directly replace the normal T8 light (36W). 55% power saving and 15% increase in brightness compared to the T8 light.
  • 12Vdc light run directly on battery. Best to work with solar application.
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2 pcs of 2ft AC LED light with casing - S$89led 2ft

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4ft light
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