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Lamp Pole / Lamppost

2 types of lamp pole for different requirement. Lysaght Lycorpole is a high quality professional pole with PE designed and hot dip galvanised. Economy lamp pole is designed for construction site on short teerm portable usage.



Lysaght columns, masts and poles use advanced technology to achieve a combination of high quality construction and design. This means longer life expectancy and minimal maintenance, with an attractive look to blend with any surrounding environment.

High Quality Construction - The computer controlled design and manufacturing process of LYCORPOLE® ensures a consistent and high quality finished products. Smooth uniform taper base to top – whatever the height – means  a more attractive and better designed columns and masts. Both multi – faceted and round tapered steel poles are carefully engineered to ensure the maximum strength while remaining lightweight, and hot dip galvanizing ensures a long and durable service life.



Designed for construction portable system at low price include solar panel bracket.