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Introduction to investigation courses by Jeffery Ang

From 1998 I conducted intensive research on investigation courses by leading investigation agencies to developed investigation courses for the School of Criminal Investigation, CID Singapore. I was the pioneer instructor for these investigation courses.

In 1999, I developed the interview techniques for the investigation courses conducted by CID for all Investigation Officers. I also helped set up the School of Criminal Investigation in 2001 and remained as the investigation course trainer until my retirement in Sep 2002. During that time I developed the Intermediate and Advance investigation courses and was presented with two Director CID Awards.

My many years of experience in investigations, in the Police, Commercial Affairs, CID and later in the private sector made me realize how critical investigation skills are in solving problems, yet it is the most unappreciated skills with little attention given to its training and development. Just looking at the vast amount of losses due to poor investigations in cases like the Madoff, Satyam and locally the NKF scams, you would think that by now people would be able to smell a rat when they see one. Unfortunately the lack of interviewing skills like being able to tell whether the subject is lying, question techniques and field inquiries in verifying truthfulness is sorely lacking in investigations.

The primary objective in an investigation is to establish the truth and I can teach you in my investigation course the skills to do so. Many cases have been solved using the interview techniques taught in my investigation courses. If there are doubts on the effectiveness of the skills taught, you may wish to engage our investigation services with guaranteed results or no charge at all. More details on investigation services with guarantee for the first time!

Since Dec 2002 I am the training provider for Civil Service College in the interview techniques and specialist investigation courses for all Government agencies. To refer, use Google to search for ‘Investigative interview techniques course at Civil Service College’. I was also the Head of Loss Prevention at Sentosa Leisure Group for 5 years responsible for solving many internal theft, fraud and disciplinary cases for the Group’s Divisions and Subsidiaries. At the same time, I am a practitioner trainer and had conducted customized investigation courses for SGX, STB, NCSS, Schools & Hotels.

We provide basic and advance investigation courses for Public and Private Organisation. We also provide a full range of private investigation services include surveillance on adultery cases and cheating spouses, background check, staff screening, enforcement operation, internal investigation of fraud, cheating, dispute, false claims and misconduct or disciplinary cases. Web detective, net detective and driver detective services.

Clients include Singapore Prison Service, Singapore Immigration Department, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Health Infectious Disease Control Center, Health Science Authority, National Environment Agency, Singapore Exchange Ltd, Singapore Toruist Promotion Board, National Council of Social Service, Council for Private Education Institutes, Singapore Customs, Prudential Insurance, Mandarin Hotel Group, Orchard Hotel Group, Flextronics International.

By Principal Consultant Jeffery Ang