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Singpore government is subsidising solar panels through AVA Food Fund.

The Food Fund is an incentive programme administered by AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority. Through the Food Fund, AVA aims to enhance Singapore’s food supply resilience in chicken, pork, fish, eggs, leafy vegetables and rice. At the same time, the Food Fund can help to strengthen our strategies in local farming and food diversification to ensure a resilient supply of food for Singapore.

The Food Fund is used to support Research & Development (R&D), Farm Capability Upgrading and Food Diversification. Funding of basic equipment that would help increase productivity.

AVA will fund 50% of eligible cost, capped at $25,000 per farm per year, whichever is lower.Applicant shall propose the equipment to be co-funded based on its Farm Productivity Improvement Plan (for fish and vegetable farms to be endorsed by AVA) and the list of Farm Equipment qualify for subsidy are
1. Auto feeder
2. Fish sorter/ grader
3. High pressure washer
4. Solar panels
5. Generators
6. Live Fish Pumps
7. Air blower/ compressor/ aerator
8. Water quality monitoring equipment
9. Microscope
10. Chest freezer
11. Workboat (AVA registered)
12. Mechanical lifting equipment eg motorised winch

Download details of subsidy guildlines

Solar panel and chest freezer packages

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