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Solar Panel - Provide power for the house
Outboard Motor - Yamaha outboards new or used
DC Freezer - USA Sundanzer freezer running at 12/24V 70W
Air Pump / Air Blower - Air Pump for fries running by solar
Dissolve Oxygen Aerator - Increase the dissolved oxygen level in the sea

Dissolve Oxygen Meter - Measure the dissolved oxygen level in the sea

Dissolved Oxygen Alarm System - Activate alarm when DO level low
Cool Room - To store ice



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Fish Farm Equipments

There are a lot of fish farm equipments needed to maintain the quality of the water to grow the fish. Air pump, air blower, water pump, aerator, dissolve oxygen meter, etc are the common equipments to use in the fish farm. Generator and solar panels system are used to supply the power for the fish farm equipments.

All the fish farm equipment under 50% subsidary from AVA.

Info on AVA subsidary fund for fish farms