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enclosure box

Metal Enclosure Box

  • Suitable for outdoor use with IP65 rating. Able to customize with internal battery bracket and enclosure stand. Various sizes to accomadate different size of batteries.
  • Enclosures are manufactured from electrolysis zine-coated sheet steel of 1.2mm thickness for size up to 400x400x200 and 1.5mm thickness for size 500x400x200 onward.
  • Enclosures are internally and externally protected by thermosetting epoxy-polyester powder coating n textured RAL 7032.
  • Sealing gaskets add on the door and flange plate
  • Concealed and easily removable duralumin hinge-pin on door allowing reversible positioning to left or right.
  • Wide door opening 120 degree.
Single AGM 100AH 500x400x250mm
Double AGM 100AH 600x400x250mm
Single GEL 100/120AH 500x500x250mm
Double GEL 100/120AH 600x500x250mm
Single 200AH 600x600x300mm
Double 200AH 800x600x300mm

Plastic - PVC / ABS Encolusre Box