Shin Shine Solar Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer for solar cell and solar panel. Shin Shine Solar Co. Ltd. is established in the year 2005 with more than 7 years of design and manufacturing experience. All our solar products are manufactured in accordance with stringent international standards. Our marketing and sales is strongly supported by our own manufacturing capacities in China, consequently enabling us to implement more than 500 mega-watts (300,000,000 Watts) yearly of solar energy into excellent products for the past few years. Today, Shin Sine Solar Co. Ltd. has become one of the reliable world supplier for solar panel made in China.

Solar Cell
We produce high efficiency cell of 125x125mm and 156x156mm both monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

Solar Panels
We produce standard and custom-designed solar panels. Standard products ranging from 10W to 300W. We also make to customised glass-glass laminate (BIPV) and standard PV roof tile. These products are integrated as part of building structure and system saving part of the materials required in the building.

World Class Solutions at Economic Price
Our manufacturing capacities are strategically situated in China so that production costs are very competitive.  
We are able to maintain a 24-hour non-stop production schedule to meet any World-wide demands.

Region Office
Region office in Singapore with stock for express delivery of small quantity and accessories.